God Is A Comedian

One man, his word, the people, mockery, and suddenly everything changes

Once upon a time,

There was a crowd of people gathered around a hill,

On this hill was the silhouette of a man towering above them all,

His presence, seemingly overwhelmed even the sun,

The rays of sunshine projected as if emitted from him

He was mysterious, 

A crazed story teller, turned into cave dweller,

Rumor around the village had spread claiming him to be a madman.


He had called for this gathering to spread an important message,

He proclaimed that his final moments in this world were to occur before them on this hill,

Not wasting anytime, he silenced everyone saying, "this is my message to the world"

And then he said with a booming shout "I AM GOD".

The crowd stared back in silent confusion, as his words echoed far into the distance. They would soon find out those were his final words,

Not taking him seriously the people began to laugh; in their laughter they replied "A comedian!! A fool!"

They challenged him to attest his claim, and just like that, a moment later in a quivering motion he fell to the ground,


Staring at the Lifeless Body, the crowd broke out in jeers again! Some yelled "HERETIC!" Some Yelled" CLOWN!" The laughing at this man continued, from one person to the next,

It had seemingly become contagious as all were immersed by the jest,

And in this jest

The laughter became uncontrollable,

So much so that they were unable stop,

Even after the humor was no more,

Their cackling faces Remained fixated.

And so they turned purple with pain,

And then there was more pain as they were unable to breathe,

Puzzled as to why they couldn't stop, the pain became unbearably worse,

They could not panic, they could not cry for help

Their bodies were paralyzed by the cynical symphony of laughter.


Their expressions a child could never forget,

So haunting, foreign, yet still so familiar is that feeling I remember,

Accompanying the fear in their eyes was the look of life seeping out with their flowing tears,

In them were their screams, repressed, quiet, peaceful, like the sound of a pin drop,

To touch them was to listen, destroying that peace, their shrieks resonated my soul like tidal waves,

To know of their pain instilled fear within me.


Sometimes I'm afraid to laugh.

Sometimes I'm afraid to cry.

And sometimes I'm afraid to die.

When I try

To fly.


What a sight it is to witness,

The torture of a soul as it withers away helplessly staring back at you,

Laughing at you, a happy face, so happy, yet so sad,

And finally the sight of peering into eyes with no tears left to spare, lurks frozen in my mind,

They were so empty, so tragic yet so beautiful.

Death remains forever awake, always.


The End

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