God Doesn't Care Enough

I shake my fist in the air I’m calling God out tonight
Cause my heart and soul are empty, I’m not all right
I’ve said my prayers and petitions one thousand times
But I still weep and write these dark and morbid rhymes.

I’m standing up and saying “God show yourself to me!”
I’m tired of trying to believe in what I can’t hear or see
I want to know why I was one who had to hurt and pay
I need to know that this God who “loves” me isn’t far away.

I stand up screaming for some kind of real interaction
Show me you’re a personal God with some kind of action
I want to know you but you just don’t seem to care
Show me that you’re there.

I sat back down and waited for some kind of sign
A voice saying that what I did was out of line
A figure that would appear in front of me
I needed something I could hear and see,

But nothing happened, not a sound or sight
I shook my head in disgust and said “alright”
I’ve heard he can do anything that he wants
But God doesn’t care enough to answer my call

The End

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