Introspection and Chicken Alfredo

Introspection and Chicken Alfredo

Dancing, dancing, dancing
The light of the firework dances
Casting masterpieces on the water

We sit in our luxury boat
Sipping coffee and strawberry daiquiris
 Enjoying mindless prattle

I look across the water
How much money is wasted
Spent on fireworks alone?

I look around myself
At the lipstick and gaudy jewelry
How many could we alone feed?

How many loaves of bread
For the destitute
Could one boat ticket buy?

This luxurious meal
So many would almost die for
What am I doing?!

The chicken could use more spice
The noodles need more salt
 But some are lucky for rice

But, no, that's bad
That's getting too introspective
Might as well forget it

Because, if I'm honest
I don't feel right about this
Squandering money

Shove aside guilty feelings
 Shove aside the poor
And shove more chicken alfredo into my mouth. 

The End

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