An inspiration
a single candle in the darkness
a lone lantern floating alight
at Night;
the daydreams and hopes
that never reached the stars,
clouds that sucked in and covered
little wishes
cotton candy shapes of broken dreams
forgotten faith
and blue souls, blue skies
and little geometric figures drawn into littler hearts;

 God, please save my mummy


What God can save your mummy
when black-as-night birds
and raven minds
steal little prayers away?
Whispers lost in smoke,
Words lost in the echo,
Minds lost in the rabble;

Save them now Lord,
Grant their wishes
True wishes from truer hearts.

Candor lips
utter your name in vain,
spend sleepless nights
wasting away in your false hope

God, please answer our prayers

But God’s too busy little one,
to answer your meagre calls;
His Lamborghini servants and green-gold disciples
await his attention
bask in his affection.

Money grows and people die
But the good Lord,
He survives.

The End

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