Gloves Off

Padding on fingers


Balled in a fist

Quivering soothed

Wavering tight 

For ourselves and our neighbor

The night reaches over each boarder

Labor and clamor

Demand in your loudest candor

That stands for ties, tight, stronger

That savor no matter

The pain at first

Tongues lay slain

That did thrirst

For water everyone brung

Together, as one,

Torn from solitary pleasure

And selfish endeavors

Do them this favor! 

Them-- sick in the cold present grip

Coughing, dying

Unifying thought

Their soul sky high-- gravity defying

All they asked with last gasps


Is that they sought

Peace for what they fought

But alas-- resting in peace is all they got.

Stop killing.

Remain diligently spilling

Over your own extremities

And begin

Filling it in

With love and admiration

For each nation

Combining as one

Seeing war

As archiac and simpleton

As one heart beats for the worlds core 

The End

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