Gloomy Sunshine

About their sisters attempt to commit suicide. And her family feeling at desparate measure.

You have me wrapped around my neck

I am suffocating as your drowning

This could all be a game they say

But I am at your will until your better

And I hope this isn't a sick thing

That at the end will cause everything including agony

As I wrap my arms around you as your sister

You don't listen, you hear your own voices

That are leading you to misfortune

And is leading me to exhaustion

If you were to leave this earth empty handed  with the reason to throw a tantrum

I will imagine your presense here where I originally found it

And the laugh that used to course through you brain

The smile that made your family full of joy

I am strangled into your tangle

So help us out to see the light of day

The End

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