Glitter Guise

So free, so soft, so gentle.

So lost.

Stutter speak to me your sincere dream,

I'll reply by my awkward stance; paranoid glance,

wondering when you look at me,

are you just gazing over my shoulder?


So loud, so bright, so proud.

So, night

freed thoughts of looming tomorrows.

We danced as if sorrow,

heartache, complications, pain

did not exist 

past the end of the song playing.


It pounded through my ear drums,

came seeping from my toes.

You placed your forehead on mine

and glitter from my face covered your skin.

You peeled back the mask I was wearing,

found the girl hiding within.


So tired. So sore. So quiet,

it's over.

Stumbled home in darkness, trapped in memories, lest we regret.

Pass by as strangers, now,

in which you mingled.

Your stutter speech will never speak

of the night we lingered...

but I'll keep my head held high,

smiling as I pass,

in the hopes you'll smile back

and I'll find a bit of glitter,

sparkling in your eye.

The End

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