Through the looking glass,
you will see,
a darker side of me,

To read my words,
to see my world,
you will be consumed,
in complete darkness,

So tell you now,
If you don't get my subtle words,
this world wasn't made for you,
this wasn't made for the feint hearted as a comfort food,

It was made to show you the world of a teenage poet,

Its dark and hormonal,
powerful but now strong,
it is a darker side of life,

You may try to see,
what i see,
to feel what i feel,
but my world is not like that,

You will try to unlock me.
my pandoras box,
but you will fail,
for my world is of many

but look if you dare,
try to break me,
but you will not succeed,
for one key won't broke these locks,
one code won't see the truth,
it will be a miracle.


The End

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