Among The Grass

I lost my mum when I was three,

People said that it meant I was free

but why should I want to go

away from everything I know?

I took a step towards your hand

reaching grasping like something grand

would wait for me beyond these walls

while my mother yells and calls.

Can't you see that this all means

she wants me, the little girl with her genes.

I have to stay so why do you constantly pull

me away from a life that is so full

of love and care, the beauty of life.

Then suddenly she draws a knife.

Give her back, she yells,

before I leave you as empty shells.

The fear of blood that would be spilled

makes you release my hand, my mother is thrilled.

I'm back in her arms, hers again at last,

a few years later though... I lie among the grass.

The End

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