Give Me a SignMature

Just have the decency, to be truthful next time
I have been messed around far too often
What is it about me, that makes it so easy
for others to take control and burn me out

I may be cheerful
But I just can’t decide
Whether to take my chances
or to let it slide
Give me a sign
Give me a sign
Give me a sign...................

I’m running out of cigarettes and out of patience
you touched a nerve and I took it out on you
With your nature to hide behind cold eyes
I wish I could do the same... yeah

Close the door on your way out
I might as well feel the isolation sinking me
I may be all fucked up but so are you
We don’t belong together, we belong to ourselves

I don’t care who you are sleeping with tonight
Cause I’ll be sleeping alone
I know you ain’t a slut
I’m just annoyed with myself
and I am taking it out on you
My words can cut deep
and I am sorry

The End

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