Treat her Like the Queen She IsMature

I got *really* ticked off at a guy on my bus... so... Filter warning for strong language.

If you’re fucking her
she ain’t your bitch
she’s your queen.
You’d better hope that when push comes to shove
she isn’t going to be sending you
away to your execution
like I full-heartedly agree you deserve.

Her pussy is her temple –
like hell is it yours to play with on a whim –
among the strongest constructions known to man
able to pass an infant child through its doors
screaming into the world.
Girls are not playthings.
We are made of sterner stuff than you could possibly conceive.
Oh right.
That’s our job.
Our pain tolerance?
You’d black out
because turns out that having a baby hurts.
A lot.
How would you like to have a child?
Now put that cute lil’ thing away,
cus I don’t want one either
especially one cut from your spawn.

This notion that girls would sooner be whores
to your carnal desires
and that of your friend
than faithful to the one they actually love
disgusts me.
Your romancing is a game of keep away:
who’s got the hotter chick
and who gets to steal her first.
And if you think that sex with her means nothing
you’re beyond mad –
you’re a fool.
She bawled last night
for hours
when you sent her that text saying
how little you actually cared.
She thought you loved her
and offering up her virginity
was only the prize in the bottom of the box
for you.
This playing
with emotions
must stop.
For the love of god
why can’t you fucking keep it in your pants!?

You can’t even have so much as a thought without
thinking about what test you can get away with failing
or how your mom is gonna yell at you when you get home
cus you’re a dipshit and got your third ISS
then subsequently called her a bitch to her face
after she called you out on your sexist tendencies.
Or, the stuff I actually give a shit about –
this notion that
the female mentality
is weak.

Another thing:
“pussy” is not an insult –
it should be a complement
of the hardships of the female condition
to prove someone has endured
through the evils of men such as yourself,
the sort that so openly stoop to insult
the femininity of a fellow man
(even if it’s nonexistent,
and you obviously have less facial hair than him)
for the gender of someone who should be treasured
should not be a point to antagonize and
compensate for yourself with.
Pussies are ugly,
and if that’s what you imply,
call a spade a spade,
not a man a pussy.
Don’t call him gay either,
especially when he hasn’t outright kissed a guy in your presence,
or so help me god I will hunt you down,
for his “masculinity” is none of your concern
especially in your “my dick is bigger” contest
in which

The End

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