Girlfriend Fictitious

Listening to the song "50 ways to say goodbye". Thought I would give it a try

Relationships are now the crown jewels
and being single is being frowned upon
In a bid to promote that illusion
that I was in fact no longer alone

secretly began a sinister campaign
a stock image from some website
blindly attached it to my personal pages
with many words to capture my delight

Sure people began to slowly suspect
on why with me she was never seen
explained the modeling assignment in Europe
humanitarian work she had been doing

Imagine my general consternation
when she actually showed up at my door
with some strong muscle at her arm
one that laid me flat across the floor

While I was sampling the dirt off my kitchen
all I could see was their textured feet
T'was explained to me in very clear terms
and then was told to properly repeat

Several henchmen would come visit
and inflict on me even more pain
was to stop the stories circulating
and never ever to say them again

Then I sullenly watched her walk away
through the clouded vision of my black eye
never forgetting the look she gave me
or that obscene gesture for a goodbye

Ti's said necessity the mother of things
but curses on such an imagination
that invented this damsel from hell
and the  blood demanded  as compensation

The End

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