girl like a blood orangeMature

you are a girl like a blood orange, he told me, 
you are not like the rest

you are stained and you are beautiful,
bitter and a sad kind of sweet

and many will look past you because you are different,
because you are tainted,
but some will love you for the same reason

and they will go to the ends of the earth to look in your eyes
and to kiss your lips and your neck and your wrists
because they know you are something special

a hidden treasure that few will find

the sweetest juice that will stain their lips
and dye their flesh crimson

they will sacrifice themselves to see you smile
they will give their lives to hold you as you weep

but you are just as lonely as you are beautiful, he said,
and just as scared as you are lonely

you will bite
and scratch

and you will cry and scream

and you will try your hardest
to make them stop loving you

because you are afraid
that some day they too will leave

and maybe some will
of their own will or of yours

but it does not matter
because they are stained
and no matter how hard they try
they will never be rid of you

you will be there when they close their eyes
and are drifting off to sleep

and you will be there when they wake
sun painting your skin as you sigh

you will be lurking in every kiss
your sweetness hiding in the corner of their lips

they will remember you in every touch
and in every fuck

and no matter how hard they try
they will never escape you

weeks or months or years later
they will think of you and your auburn hair
and your black eyes
the ones full of sadness

and they will wonder what became of you
what became of your red lips
and the freckle on your hip

they will wonder if you are still sad
if you are still beautiful
if you ever learned to love yourself
the way you love everyone else

The End

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