Flowers For You



a groan escaped me, surroundings spinning
face feeling flushed, my heartbeat thinning

the old man sighed, ‘it’s quite a pity
the terrible tragedy, which saddened the city

‘a bright young girl, beautiful as ever
she was quite charming, and oh so clever

‘many men wished to wed, yet none she would answer
robbed early in youth, the culprit being cancer

'fated never to love, she died in that house
woefully weeping, alone with no spouse’

it was hard to accept, but thus he affirmed
walking to the cemetery, there he confirmed

the worst of my fears, the deepest of dread
my paranormal paradise, darling you are dead!

grieving for you now, the girl I could not save
wiping away the tears, laying flowers on your grave


The End

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