The Truth



searching in the streets, during daylight hours
I happen upon a peddler, an old man selling flowers

greeting him somberly, my gaze glossy and red
speech sounding slurred, this is what I said

‘the girl I love despairs, so heed this one request
please offer me your flowers, and I shall buy the rest’

moved to pity was he, granting what I desired
but before we parted ways, a question he inquired

‘I must know the truth, an answer I implore
 oh sorrowful young man, which girl are these for?’

at first I was afraid, reluctant to tell the tale
but the old man listened, then grew stern and pale

‘I know the residence, of which you have described
hear now what I say, and believe I have not lied

that house is condemned, haunted as can be
if you glimpse at a girl, it is a ghost that you see!’


The End

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