I Run



first it was dismissed, it must be some mistake
I shook my head briefly, and did a double-take

had the street light, with its glowing incandescence
swiftly shined upon me, giving away my presence?

or was it you who heard me, grievously sighing so
wringing hands of pallor, sulking in shadow?

here I am a stranger, and stranger it will be
thinking you cry alone, then through tears see me!

becoming frightened I, not too proud to say
retreated quickly thus, vowing to keep away

eleven days passed, but time felt like ages
I was free to roam, yet trapped by moral cages

a prisoner of your love, a captive of my dreams
the girl in the window, bathing in moonbeams

walking alone one evening, it then occurred to me
what if by running away, I had reaped more misery?

The End

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