The First Glance




who is this maiden celeste, this one glimmering star
weeping at your window, while I join from afar?

a waterfall of tear drops, diving like dense rain
pouring down your lovely face, onto the window pane

happiness eludes you, because I know not why
what has you brokenhearted, causing you to cry?

perhaps a man of charm, of loyalty and wealth
devoting many years to you, now lies ill in health

or maybe some young soldier, marching in a war
fell bravely while in battle, writing you no more

an heirloom did you ruin, has your pet escaped
is it your brother who was shot, or your sister raped?

guessing at your grief, searching for the source
all I do is stand there, ridden with remorse

suddenly it happened, as if by certain chance
looking to the street, at me you cast your glance

The End

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