I Return



what is this I am feeling, what love-struck attraction
to the girl in the window, who brings me satisfaction?

and so I have returned, in hopes that I may discover
you suffer from loneliness, absent only of a lover

for if man mistreated you, how terrible his crime
more severe than murder, which I’ll commit in time

sending him to a grave, watery in the shallows
as the hangman hollars, adding me to his gallows

I shall die with delight, knowing you were avenged
thinking of your divinity, when it’s to hell I descend

thoughts of burning coals, which set my soul ablaze
but as I fixate upon you, my fiery hatred fades

perched at the window, like some nocturnal bird
singing melancholy melodies, which seem to go unheard

tonight you have an audience, though being unawares
a man who truly loves you, a man who truly cares

The End

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