We First Meet


one night it happened, while I was passing through
I looked into a window, and that’s when I saw you

cheeks resting in hands, eyes full of despair
blue summer dress on, red ribbons in your hair

how can I describe, this unseen work of art
displayed now before me, melting away my heart?

from the street I noticed, you sat there gently weeping
yet I remained unseen, in hours saved for sleeping

counting your many tear drops, all of them one by one
moved to tears myself, how mournful I had become

then came the desire, to bring smiles to your face
but to you I am a stranger, and that is not my place

so I continued walking, window fading from sight
the sun was on the rise, a new day filled with light

I tried to forget the image, but my efforts were in vain
when night came at last, at your window I was again

The End

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