Girl In The Mirror

A little girl's room is haunted.

I remember in my room there was another little girl in the mirror.

I would smile and talk to her, but she never said anything,

Just looked at me with this little laugh on her lips.

One day, Mommy came into my room and asked me who I was talking to.

I said I was talking to the little girl in the mirror.

Mommy knelt down to me and said that I couldn't talk to her anymore.

When I looked in the mirror before Mommy turned it around,

The girl was right beside me.


I didn't sleep in my room that night, because Mommy dreamed of a lady in white.

Instead, I slept in Mommy's bed,

Clutched against her chest,

Listening to her heart beat.

In the hall, I could hear something dripping to the same beat,

Like a tap that hadn't been turned off.

When I woke Mommy up to ask her about it, she told me not to worry about it.

Her voice scared me.

The End

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