About a certain girl that is a hurricane that rips my metaphorical house from the ground

I think, I wish

I should’ve told her that I loved her or something that night

 Because I think she was looking for something

Some kind of profound utter of thought that I cared or knew

Knew that she liked me but no

No I stayed oblivious to my closest most cared for friend

Friend that I so long to have closer

Not closer for the physical but closer for the care

That care that me and her have for one another

Another chance that has passed me by

Because I’m too threatened by what could be

Could be, but not what is

Would I have another chance for what I longed to have

Or did I blow it

Blow it on that night, that long road of nostalgic memories

Memories of what I lost that night

Might I had said something

Something that she could see as a glimmer

A glimmer of me, and me as a whole together

Together able,

Able to speak my mind to the one person I wanted to

But no I couldn’t

And now I am solemn in this room thinking of what could’ve been

The End

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