Ziplines BirdMature

I'm floating

Thinking of wings and feathers and wind

All working on my side

Shades of green and yellow and blue and gray

All whooshing past

As if I am in charge of them

My feet feel cool

Comfortably disconnected

My hands firmly gripping at my rope

Trying to keep this great feeling

From not falling away

Like all those bad feelings

Of gravity and conformity

I'm laughing and crying and smiling

I love this


It's all over.

I get down.

I look up

There is Alexis

She is crying

She is scared

With apprehension

She crawls away

From the edge of the platform

I call to her

With nice sounding comforts spewing from my lips

I guess that she doesn't understand

Then she jumps

I don't guess that anymore

When she's done she are both smiling



Hugging so much

She get into her wheelchair

I hold her hand

She smiles

We don't say anything

We just leave the muggy,

Old patch of forest

We head to our cabin

And sing our joy


The End

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