A poem about lost love

I am a ghost in this house

A shadow of the past shapeless moving around you silently

Carefully stepping on the stair steps that don't creak

Sliding along the oak floors

Wearing invisible clothes that don't crease

Wandering constantly for your warmth to come back

Grace me with your presence once more

To be as we were solid,unbent


You are a ghost in this house

A breeze through the attic window that shimmers the curtains

The cold side of the bed

Wandering awake until we meet again

We walk circles around one another

Our hands never touch

Our bodies never meet

I look for you in everything

Room to room but no luck

You are a ghost in this house

You bound up the stairs stairs loudly but never make a sound

I turn as I think I see a shadow

Sitting on our bed with your head in your hands

A crying broken man

We are ghosts in this house


One dead, one alive moving around each other

Forever looking

The End

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