The night you left
I took you in, sip after sip,
Built a haunted manor in my heart
to house your spirit crumbs,
And there I lived.

The night you left
I spent in letter-lost daze,
Cogs ethereal turning about,
But no hour was chimed
as to sleep I slipped.

The night you left
a mirror lay on the bed,
but my reflections had ceased,
I suppose you held a key
set beneath your skin.

The night you left
the door beckoned to pull,
Instead I dived, fear ran cold,
Evicted you drifted,
A dream on call.

That night you left
amidst the violenced show, 
Infirmed at the first sign of sight, 
Blind to the ghosts’ tepid arrival, 
And smiling all the while.

The End

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