A man in the shadows felt sudden the stun

He watched the girl as she danced in the sun

Her hair, so soft, he felt, he knew

He stared as the hair galloped and flew

He remembered the nights spent so happy, so sure

The man now knew it was no more


His heart still beat that tired passionate beat

His would turn and scream at the empty lone night

Oh, he longed, just to feel her heat

To see again, her beauty and light.

It was torture

Pure pain

He was trapped

Hers forever, thought never to be used

The sight of her was how she abused


The man shook his head, and the thoughts of the past

Some of these lives are not meant to last.


He stood back, he watched her as she skipped,

As she held the others hand, his faith again dipped

They wandered to their happily ever sunset

Forever was there’s, just not happened yet

And though he needed her to stay

The man shed a tear, and walked away

The End

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