Ghost of you

I miss being able to see you. I miss being able to touch you, to kiss you, being aloud to want you. I miss you. How can I miss someone I never really knew. You were married or are married; you have a child.
I could see us doing the things we talked about and the plans we wanted to do together. I thought you wanted to be with me, I thought you saw me I thought you understood me. I saw myself walking to you at the end of an aisle. And I know people can say I just miss the idea of you but you're still the person I want to talk to first when something is going great and you're the last person I want to talk to at the end of the day.
I have been told the best way to get over you is to start seeing someone new but is that really fair to the new guy that's trying to fill your space can they really even live up to the ghost of you.
But I still miss you.

The End

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