Because of my diabetes I have weird moods sometimes, this is something I wrote during a high-sugar period - I just had to get it down

And so, when I feel this shit I say,

Come on, take your best shot at,

Taking away that which I hold dear,

While I'm too weak to put up a fight,

And so as you strip away these layers,

Will what you find underneath be to your liking,

Or will you be repulsed, afraid,

Terrified by the monstrosity you've

Awakened from under my skin,

Such a shallow and thin barrier,

Holding back the evil inside,

My heart cannot function as a cage,

It's beats would rattle the bars and let it out,

And so I seal it up inside my head,

Where my skull can take these blows instead,

And not crack, break or splinter,

But even then it is still touched by time,

It creeps through my thoughts, my memories,

Corrupting and turning to ash all that which it meets,

And as you would have me take up arms against it,

Instead I undo the straps to my armour,

And collapse, fall to my knees,

And feel the burning as wounds open upon,

My back, my chest, the ache,

Eroding away at my bones,

Ligaments tear, everything crumbles and breaks, 

And this broken form falls at the feet,

Of my ghosts of haunted past,

Never quiet, ever present,

Something that neither gods nor demons can remove, 

They all say that I must do this, and not alone,

But how can you help when as you reach out to me,

You cannot clutch at the ghost of myself I have become?

I am not who you think I am anymore. 

The End

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