Why see truth???!!!

If someone wanted to give you a new life Would you permit? Why would you not?? For your dreams are not less precious than theirs...! But I don't need a rebirth, A second chance... 'Cause life is too unbearably drenched with lies To, let me summon the courage, To dry it under the plain, colorless sight of truth...! If I may be denied the proclamation of my truth Why should I accept my life- Which is the invisible and most humane of culprits- As the truth I believe, 'cause it is the truth I see...???!!! FORGETTING THE TRANSIENT TRUTH TRANSPARENT, WE HAVE FALLEN INTO THE LULL OF LIES LUMINOUS AND LUSCIOUS................!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The only escape from this fate is hidden in eternal bliss, Only superior souls can dream, not attain; so do you think we can ever glimpse it a little-the dazzling freedom of our soul from our body , and our ego consciousness from our soul- through atleast a brink of our eye...???
The End

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