To share thy Heart

 It started as a way of escape

To blind my anger  my strife

To not explode deliberate


Along the lines of these I write

accustomed to the pain I fight

I pick the words and ever the rhyme

Just to let you know it’s mine


It all started as a way of release

To extinguish the melodrama

To free the inner beast


Between the unhealed of the past

Comes the essence that will  forever last

I acknowledge even accept

To only myself I am indebt


As years of emotional writing prolong

Tiresome and burdened I have become

 Sensing  a longing a missing song


And so it continued as a way of discovery

A chance to roam the road to recovery

A slight grin made its way to my mouth

Away from destruction on my way south


Now the years have served me well

I feel alive in every phrase

Awoken by mother earths’ smell


 The beauty I so passed without a glance

Now my core my fighting stance

To give to all a fountain that overflow

Embracing the stars of a poets show


Now a way to share thy heart

I can be new

Even from the very start


The End

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