I write

I write-
to illuminate agony, asphyxiation-
all matters complicit and contrite-
to prod bigotry, philosophy, mystery,
imagery, chemistry, symphony-
all the eccentricity and versatility that is life-

I write-
to express the mess that encapsulates my conscience-
to bring voice to that subconscious-
aids to build a wall of tolerance-
heightened confidence
against all that life washes ashore-

I write-
because moments are fleeting-
provides an opportunity for retreating-
away from that depleting defeating tick tocking
of that clock-

While my days are amounting
I hold no fear, nor am I counting
the time that remains
to offer anything astounding-

For I will leave this earth drowning
in all that existed when I was grounded
through my reincarnation in writing
moments resounding-
in all I have recounted-

The End

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