in my head

you were in my head

once, all too familiar

waking, sleeping, dreaming away

days running into days

I forgot myself

in all of you

wherever you walked, I walked

wherever you sat, I sat

wherever you smiled, I smiled

losing my head

and losing my being

I forgot myself

in all of you

as you consumed me -

at first like an interested cat

you drew me in

counting me among your collection

but then

when you had pulled me in

you turned

like an angry tiger

golden haired and with gleaming teeth

roaring your disinterest -

shocked I stood back

in disbelief and wonder -

not fully comprehending

I held out my hand

but you pushed it away

time and again I offered my hand

but disinterest grew like a weed

choking what was -

I will not share myself with you now

The End

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