get out of my head

out of my head into the heart  raging in silence

silence forgot into the world swiming with pearls

always be in the light the light of all worlds

take in what is mine take in what is enough

we are always in this presence of love

gone with the wind gone into the fire

healing our souls with worldly inspires

kiss of life. sleep at night

always in the quest of giveing life

fertile ground sunshine sounds

become our roots for generations of flattering wings

smell of sweet roses never touched

freedom so freely in the deep sea of must

come and be humble in the wise old mans tree

he will be sitting there and drinking his tea

silence forgoten and always a door

always be open so open to both worlds

sitting alone sitting together we are so humble

alone and together

singing birds in the morning mist

the sound of sweet silence

that all us souls wish

keep us in grace soothing in good faith

i am so this in blissfulness

giveing and loveing all that is

should be a gift of all that wish this

soon into one

one of us all

always and ever we shall never fall

The End

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