Get out Alive

The thick cigarette smoke resembled London fog

The place smelt of spilt beer and ashtrays

He had curly locks and bunched neck muscles,

Like Michelangelo

She was curvy, pale, with dusted freckles

It gave her a delicate look

It made him want to take care of her

They never made peace with authority

They didn't want to be authority

As poets, they wanted to be taken seriously

In their mind was chaos 

"Nothing could ever survive a holocaust but poetry and words,

That's why poetry appealed to them.

It's eternal as long as they were human beings,

As long as they remained sequenced with words and combinations of them.

As long as we are human beings,

Poetry will continue."

You cannot get depressed when reality stops fulfilling your needs,

You are not authority, you do not have control over anything that happens.

Just change your mind and the way you react

So think of me as an erotic politician

Wearing the skins of snakes and suits made from custom fox

If I were to sing on stage i would resemble the Siberian shaman 

Rattling my tambourine and entering a trance-like state

To lead my audience to communal ecstasy

The End

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