a hat full of drugs, perhaps?Mature


wait, stop - slow down. i've got you on the edge

of my nail now, caught between tissue and bone.

you are fixing me with a weary look of despair and

malice, packaged tight with a tall order of

suspicion -


stop. i'm trying to be okay. i'm trying to be alright, but please

fuck off. i don't give a shit about your deadpan eyes and

mouth lined with granite, i just don't care, just

leave me alone, go

plant roses or something -


the man on the corner

is watching me carefully, a hawk's

countenance high

in the deep sea of sky.


yellow is too forceful, colour

is overrated. i splash you with

gutter-water, black on your

lips and tell you please -

park myself in front of you like a dirty car and please

just go.


act iii - you

are not well and you

have infected me too.

The End

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