Feelings About Feelings About People On Drugs Like BloodMature

Fingers are just bones joined in kinship

People are just clouds drifting across you and me

Bricks, me and you, through broken windows made of all of this

We rest on beds of shattered glass, laughing maniacally

( K E Y R I N G )

This one has eyes so clear you can't see through because you're

too stunned

And the next one is a perfect kiss, too wet by far but firmly attached

to someone

Following that is jealousy

for which there is no lock, no door, no house, alone

and that key needs it that way, for at least a while.

They jangle together, uncomfortably crowded but unaware of their music,



The old routine, fix a clenched teeth trap on the glass full of ice

a sad portion of honey sugar sweetness crying out from the bottom

I'm sweating bullets but everyone runs out of ammo some time

Just give an answer, give a sign, at least a card would've been nice

We imagine people, you and I, but keep it in check and we'll be fine

As I evaporate, I can't help but fix you with a look of regret

I am always the wound and you, my volunteer tourniquet.

The End

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