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Genocide of a Generation
Why is it that in today’s society there is such a need for insobriety?
The self- euthanization of ourselves, the youth of a nation.
The role models’ hypocrisy has become most about “his stock of E,” but hey it’s a democracy, right?
 What kills vibes, is when you realize, that what lies behind a nameless child’s shameless eyes, at age nine, who thinks that if he spends his time and steals, cheats, lies that he might get high so he can rewind back to before that one time.
Back before his daddy was beating him, or maybe it was his ma's lack of feeding, just before leaving him, alone, hungry, and cold, just so she would have her own powdery coke.
Kind of like when Susan Hayes tried to survive her remaining days at Tide Trewer high.
Plagued daily by students her own age who hazed Hayes, day after day, for sport and play.
Wrapped her in trash bags while they cried bash fags, retweeted and hash tagged "Hayes wears white trash rags."
They chanted no swag, her parents dressed in drag, faster and faster, all because they knew she had two dads.
The halls were crowded by laughter that swallowing Susan whole.
They became the puppet master, and Susan without control. 
Tears streamed down her face, desperately throwing herself out hell's door. Susan's heart steady pounding as she quickened her pace and tried to pray like never before.
She was met by the Sun's warm embrace. It was at that moment Susan became no more. All her pain and tears forever erased, as Susan Hayes was lead to that Golden shore.
You’re thinking It can’t be so ruthless that at Eighteen they just wouldn’t make a crude wish, and of course they don’t just day dream such teen amusements and crave schemes of pure lewdness….do they?
Was this story fruitless, surely it’s all a lie, just a truthless nuisance!
Yes I know I might can’t prove this, but Ill let you be the one who chooses, to believe or stay clueless to what Susan Hayes’ real truth is…..

The End

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