We Are Not Your Generation

Now, we have more information,
I know I am non-binary, 
Whereas before I would just be a freak.

Now, we have more understanding,
I know I am varioriented,
Whereas before I would just be weird.

You can tell me that these things are fake,
But my identity is comforting to me. 
The body-positive movement?
Saved me a lot of grief in the worst
Stages of my depression, it made me
Hate myself a little less just when I needed it.

Songs have become connection to our
Parents, old lullabies mean more now.
We adore the lyrics because they make us
Feel good about ourselves, they make us happy.

Noise can be used as a block,
When it all becomes too much,
We can cut ourselves off until 
We can face the world again. 

Those who cannot share their insecurities
Now safely hide behind fake smiles,
Knowing that they can disclose when they
Feel safe, with people that they trust.

Our fingers know history, they know the
Keyboard, strings, pencils, paper. 
They are multi-use tools, we know so much. 
Our eyes can see beyond, appreciate how
This echoes into that, it creates connections. 

Reality is an odd term these days, 
For we have fictional worlds and simulators,
Video games are works of art
And stories are our salvation. 
When all of humanity seems to be against us,
We finally have somewhere to turn to.

Our clothing is special, it's different by design,
Our shirts, skirts, shorts, are pieces of our
Personality that we wear on our skin, 
A nice dress makes us feel beautiful,
And our self-esteem goes up a little more. 

Women can actually be comfortable, 
No longer forced to wear suffocating
Long dresses when they long for shorts,
And no-one can restrict anyone's choices.

Kindness is perhaps a rarity.
Let me share with you a secret:
It always was. Look around you.
But now we can recognize kindness,
And we can appreciate it fully.

Someone holds the door open - 
It is to be thanked, because it is a nice gesture,
Instead of being blown off as expected.
Kindness is smiled at, not dismissed.

Suspicion is rightly found,
A woman knows she's being followed,
She can call for help and not feel like
She is trivial and paranoid. 

We now know to question motives,
Tell ourselves it's not okay that our partner hit us,
And know that they were in the wrong, not us. 
We know where to place blame.

Innocence can often lead to sheltered-ness,
Which in turn is a straight path to ignorance. 
People who just "didn't know better"
Insult someone and make their sadness worse.
These days, we finally can be knowledgeable. 

Your gender constructs hold no value now, 
A female should be polite as well as a male,
A male should be welcoming as well as a female. 
This is a place for awareness all-around,
Not just misplaced guesses of niceties. 

Let me tell you something:
A new generation is emerging,
And our rules are quite validated.

We do our best to banish the pre-set prejudices from the past,
If no-one takes action, we will - it runs in our blood.
We must recognize the failings of our ancestors
And strive to not make their very same mistakes.

My generation is trying to make new guidelines,
Ones that allow for innovation and differences. 
We are fixing the laws until they are equal.

My generation is the outright feminists. 
My generation is the mental illness-aware.
My generation is the self-defended. 
My generation is the stand-up-for-those-who-cannot,
My generation is the we-are-not-the-same,
My generation is the we-will-make-this-right,
My generation is the we-will-protect-each-other,
My generation is the I-do-just-fine-on-my-own,
My generation is the new one. 

We have faults, yes, but everyone does.
We're working to overcome those flaws.

We are many things,
But not outdated

The End

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