Generation Gap

Poem about the generation gap between young and old.

He sat upon the wooden bench
In a busy neighborhood park
A scowl was etched within his face
As he fed crumbs to jays and larks

He glared up at the young man
Shuffling past in tattered jeans
"Pull them thar thangs up, boy!"
You young 'uns are full of beans!"

The skinny teen stopped short
And quickly turned around
"That's right I said it!
Get 'em off the ground!"

They stared at one another
Each with dark brown eyes
The old man and the young
Waiting to crack wise.

"I don't wanna see your underpants
Or the gap between your cheeks
I'm tired of keeping quiet
And pretending to be meek!

I worked upon our land
Wore overalls all my life
When they tore Ma sewed patches
Then later on, my wife

When I went off to war
Still there was no rest
But when we got back home
Displayed medals on our chests

I dressed in a store-bought suit
Putting my bride into the ground"
Tears filled his blood-shot eyes
His lips trembled in a frown.

The teen sighed dramatically
Adjusting his backward cap
"You old guys don't know nothin',
We're tired of your crap!

Suspenders, socks with sandals
Pants hitched up to your nipples
How can you judge me, dude
As you sit and drink your ripple?"

The woman ran and hugged him tight
"Poppy, why the need to roam?
Stop pestering nice people
C'mon, let's get you home."

"You will understand one day
When YOU'RE the older generation."
He said in a loud voice.
"Us elders make the nation."

Each shuffled in opposite ways
Along the cement path
Words echoing between their ears
They snickered and they laughed.

The End

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