generals die in bed

let us remember.
please, let us remember.

on the eleventh hour,

of the eleventh day,

of the eleventh month,

we ended world war 1.


we ended it, and hoped

to never again have a

war like it, a brutal killing.

but we did. world war 2.


we defeated adolf hitler,

but not without a cost.

our motto is ‘lest we forget’,

theirs is ‘never again’.


but our fathers fought

for this country, for peace,

let’s appreciate the sacrifice

our mothers made for us.


this is our world, but we

too often forget those

who came before us.

let us, today, remember.


the germans, the russians,

the canadians, the americans,

let us not forget that we

are all in this together.


we wear red-and-black poppies,

like those on flander's field,

as a visual sign that we have

not yet forgotten the dead.


to show that we have not yet

let those who fought and do

fight for us and our countries

slip from our consciousness. 


we have children, adults, infants,

and elders show that they remember.

we have schools and office buildings

for once, remind us that we are human.


that we are human and we make

mistakes, but we too often do not

give credit to those who try and 

fix the problems we have created.


today is the day when we say

that we will not forget,

that we still see life and death,

and we remember.

The End

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