We are now at the present,

And as I glance over my poem,

I see it has been favourited,

Seven times,

And recommended twice.


I inwardly smile,

So much for my mom,

Saying I lack life experience.

I may not have experience,

Of the world out there,

Not in the way mom means,

Yet my life is,

Both interesting and fascinating.

I say that without vanity.



A few last minute comparisons,

Should I dare compare,

How sensibly my dad and stepmother,

Responded to my confession,

Of being an ex cutter,

To the fiascos that occured,

At eighteen and twenty one?


You see my point,

And how ironic it is,

That my stepmother,

Despite never having,

Come across cutting,

Made more effort,

To understand that,

Than my mom did,

To understand my sexuality.


You see how much,

Has occured in 25 years,

Love, humour, irony,

As well as,

Deeper, darker issues.

Who knows,

What the next 25 years will hold.

The End

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