My Gran comes to dinnerMature

My Gran comes to dinner

On the day of Onam,

An Indian celebration,

My gran came to dinner,

My aunt and her husband,

Having taken my cousins,

Off on holiday.


I already had misgivings,

Which was quite automatic,

Yet as usual remained, 

Calm, collected, polite.


I had washed my hair,

And came downstairs,

With it loose,

And my gran reminded me,

To push it back.


I had no problem with that,

For it was common sense,

I did not want my hair,

Falling in my food,

Yet she felt the need to say,

That in India,

That would not be tolerated.


Why? For God's sake.

I hadn't done anything wrong,

Another dig, for no reason,

I shoved my hair back,

And stared into space,

Blocking out her words.


Although I later learnt,

She was not referring,

To my stepmother,

But to my dad's parents,

What on earth was the point?


They are now deceased,

And from what I understand,

Tyrannically strict,

So why idolise them like that?


If they were going to flip,

Over such a small thing,

Then dad's parents or not,

They had a screw loose,

As far as I was concerned.

The End

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