Tantrums and tearsMature

Tantrums and tears

I was finally,

Offered an interview,

For work experience,

In admin,


At Oxfam Head Office.


Mom and I argued,

On that day,

Due to my slownesss,

In preparation,

And as usual,

She made a dig,

About my stepfamily.


Why can she never learn,

Not to add fuel to the fire,

And aggravate the situation,

By doing that?

Even I have ceased,

Dredging up the past,

As I used to,

For it does no good.


The interview,

Or informal chat,

It went fine,

Though the position,

Was given to another.


I tried my best,

To ignore my mom's words,

Yet struggled with,

The intensity of,

My longing for my stepfamily.


One of my stepsister's,

Two favourite songs,

Started playing on a loop,

In my mind, during lunch,

And I imagined,

My stepsister and stepcousin,

Sat at a table,

Across from me.


I returned home,

Quite emotionally fragile,

And answered my mom's call,

Realising that,

I had forgotten to ring her,

Having been intent on,

Trying to emotionally heal.


I apologised for the argument,

And offered to get anger management,

But mom said I didn't need it,

For it was not an anger management issue,

Only resentment towards her,

I didn't reply,

For I couldn't deny this.


After listening to,

Aunt Premala and Semanti's,

Favourite songs,

Which I did with them asssociate,

I felt much better,

And by evening,

I had healed completely.

The End

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