Vanessa and I get togetherMature

Vanessa and I get together

Vanessa like me,

Was from the UK,

So our time zone,

It was the same.


She was 32 in RL,

And worked part time,

But I didn't mind,

Selby had been 35,

Jenny had been 41.


When Vanessa and I,

We remet on a Saturday,

I told her how much,

I love her,

And gently asked her,

If she loves me as a friend,

Or loves me,

The way I love her.


She told me,

That my words,

They touch her deeply,

And she loves me,

So I asked her to be,

My AL girlfriend,

To which she agreed.


Ever truthful,

I told her of my asexuality,

And that in real life,

I am not really the same person,

That I am,

in AnotherWorld,

And told her I wanted,

To keep our romance inworld.


Vanessa was fine,

With just an AL romance,

Which was not,

Brought through to RL.

I told her I would,

Only be romantic with her,

No-one else.


I finally,

Kissed her on the lips,

And danced with her,

A romantic dance.

The End

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