I felt a little fragile,

After the break up.

I may not have been,

Passionately in love,

With Anna,

As I was with Jenny,

But I was fond of her.


The best solution,

Seemed to be,

To go out there,

And meet new people,

So once more,

Did I teleport,

To Tempura Ballroom.


I initially sat,

On one of the sofas,

And listened,

To Kelly Sweet's songs,

Yet spotting a lovely girl,

Dancing with a guy,

I IMed her,

Complimenting her,

On her lovely red dress.


When the guy left,

I offered her a dance,

Careful to choose,

A friendship dance.

As we danced,

I opened up to her,

About my split with Anna.


We connected at once,

I think she said,

That like meets like,

Strangely enough,

Her avatar resembled Anna,

In physical appearance,

Yet in personality,

She was much like Jenny.


Jenny was not,

On AL much,

Having joined,

An alternative virtual world,

Open Sims,

Which was apparently,

Better for building,

I stuck to AL though,

For I preferred it.


AL had more people,

Than OS did,

And though I made,

An OS account,

I uninstalled the program,

And stuck to AL.


I told Vanessa,

That she looked like Anna,

Yet reminded me of Jenny.

She was touched,

When I confessed,

She roused feelings in me,

That I hadn't felt since Jenny.

The End

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