I break up with AnnaMature

I break up with Anna

Over on AL,

I had not seen Anna,

Since November 2011,

Just before,

My India visit.


Aside from one IM,

Thanking me for the flowers,

She had not been in contact,

And I only knew her,

In AL not in RL.


I waited patiently,

For several months,

And finally,

In early August 2012,

I teleported to Helping Haven.


I IMed a helper,

And explained my situation,

He advised me,

To assume it was over,

And realising,

The relationship,

It was going nowhere,

I broke up with Anna,

Via a notecard,

I dropped in her inventory.


It was probably best,

For we were never really suited,

We had little in common,

And though I grew to love her,

In an affectionate way,

I sometimes wonder if it was right,

To take advantage of her crush,

To date her in the hope,

That I may grow to love her.

The End

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