A ray of hopeMature

A ray of hope

During a skype chat,

My stepmother mentioned,

That one of her friends,

She liked The Color Purple.


I was staggered,

And raising my eyes,

To the ceiling,

I murmured,

God don't do this,

Unless you mean it,

Don't pull my leg,

Don't mess me around.


Having studied it,

At A level,

I was well aware,

That The Color Purple,

It covered same sex love.


I admitted that I,

Had studied it at A level,

Before warning Aunt Premala,

That The Color Purple,

It was very modern.


My stepmother replied,

That she was modern,

And I said I hoped,

My dad and stepmother,

They would enjoy the film.


Sadly however,

They did not,

End up watching it.

I internally sighed.

The End

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