Dinner at Gran'sMature

Dinner at Gran's

My cousins loved,

The small wooden toys,

That me and my stepmother,

We had bought them.


As I sat at dinner,

I naturally allowed,

My mind to wander.

I recalled how,

On one of the last days,

I had opened up a little,

To Aunt Premala.


I had told her all about,

My aunt calling me self pitiful,

The day it was suggested,

That my childhood dream,

Of teaching English,

Might not be right for me,

And I had been so disappointed.


I recalled Aunt Premala replying,

That my aunt did not know me,

As well as they did.

On holiday in India,

I had been touched and glad.

Yet at dinner at my gran's,

The recollection of this statement,

Made me positively smug.


I was quite pleased,

That my dad, Aunt Premala, Semanti,

They all knew,

I was an ex-cutter,

Yet people like my aunt and gran,

Had absolutely no idea.


It strengthened my bond,

With my dad and stepfamily.

When Gabriel was grumpy,

About waiting for dessert,

I turned my head,

And thoughtfully contemplated him.


I had conducted myself,

So much better,

Under harder conditions,

The christmas of when I was eighteen,

The summer of when I was twenty one,

Yet a strange relief I felt,

For my own thoughts and feelings,

Were siphoned off, through my cousin,

And for once,

I would not get the blame.

The End

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