Aunt Purjava's ReConnectMe MessageMature

Aunt Purjava's ReConnectMe Mesage

Upon my return,

To my usual routine,

Did I readjust.  


On ReConnectMe,

I sent a message,

To Aunt Purjava,

Informing her of,

My safe arrival,

And thanking her,

For the lovely puris.


She replied,

That it was a pleasure,

To make puris for me,

And that they would all,

Cherish my visit as well.


Upon reading the reply,

A heartbroken rage,

At their society,

Filled my heart,

And I paced up and down.


I do not ask,

To always be with them,

I thought.

I do not ask,

For the impossible.

All I would like,

Is for their culture,

To stop lying,

About same sex love.


I recalled,

With what uncertainty,

I had accepted,

Aunt Purjava,

My brother in law,

And even,

Semanti's best friend's,

ReConnectMe friend requests,

And why,

Because I had on my profile,

Made it clear,

That I love women.


I knew,

That my British friends,

They knew,

Of my true sexuality,

So I felt no need,

To conceal it,

Not in England.


I had finally decided,

If anyone in India asked,

Why I had selected,

Interested in women,

On my ReConnectMe profile,

I would tell the truth,

For I had had enough,

But only if they asked,

But they never have.


I had noticed,

Much to  my surprise,

That Dad had chosen,

Both men and women,

Under the interested in box,

Yet I knew Dad was straight,

So I can only assume,

Dad means dad wants friendship,

With individuals, regardless of gender.


Returning to the message,

I knelt down,

And extended my hands,


You need only give the word,

And glancing down at my body,

I thought once more,

My offer to transition,

So your society understands,

It will always be open,

Feel free to give the word any time,

That is how much,

I love you all.

The End

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