Dad takes me homeMature

Dad takes me home

Putting aside,

That one unfortunate day,

The visit was wonderful,

Aunt Purjava made me,

My favourite puri and curry,

On the last day.


I was genuinely heartbroken,

At having to leave them,

And hugged Aunt Purjava tight,

Dad told me,

That tears came in her eyes,

At my obvious affection.


During the visit,

I had twice skyped,

To Semanti,

And my brother in law,

My eyes lingering on,

My stepsister's gorgeous long hair.


Aunt Premala saw us off,

And I hugged her tight,

As dad rightly said,

I would for years,

Cherish these precious memories.


On the return journey,

My dad assured me,

That Aunt Premala loves me,

Exactly as she loves Semanti,

And considers me her own daughter.


I knew that mom,

She wouldn't understand that,

But in my eyes,

My dad and stepfamily,

Had proven themselves,

And I have no doubt,

We all love each other.


Though dad told me,

I was free to tell,

Dad, Aunt Premala and Semanti,

Anything I wanted,

That they had travelled much,

And would try to understand,

I naturally hesitated.


Returning on a plane,

Was hardly the right time,

To remind dad,

That I love women,

And after last time,

I just didn't have,

The courage any more,

Thanks to their society.


I did tell dad though,

That in England,

You can speak of things,

You can't in India,

And dad replied,

That dad knew that.

I glanced upwards,

And thanked God,

With all my heart,

For allowing me,

To tell them the truth,

That I used to be a cutter.


My dad and stepmother,

They now knew,

Everything except,

My true sexuality,

Which I would leave,

In God's hands,

Which finally left me,

With a clear consience.


I only had one request,

From God now,

That God stop India,

Being homophobic,

And that one day,

I would have a chance,

To reveal the final secret.

The End

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