The Visit: IVMature

The Visit: IV

We visited my gran,

At her flat,

And as my stepmother,

Brushed my hair,

And clipped it back,

I instinctively reached,

To hug her,

Quite forgetting,

I was in my gran's flat.


She said no,

And suddenly recalling,

I restrained myself,

Though made up for it,

By giving Aunt Premala,

A huge hug,

On our return home.


Before leaving,

My gran's flat,

At my stepmother's request,

I reluctantly gave,

My gran an awkward hug.


We had many social visits,

Which I enjoyed,

And I even saw,

An Indian wedding.


Only one thing,

Secretly annoyed me,

For since my stepsister,

And my stepcousin,

Were both married,

And I was twenty four,

Visitors often asked,

About the possibility,

Of me marrying.


Though dad told them,

Of my desire to stay single,

Dad did once or twice hint,

That I might meet some man.

Dad even did that,

When the three of us were alone.


I internalised,

My natural annoyance,

At the situation,

But felt let down,

That my dad had forgotten,

I love the same sex.


If dad was covering,

Because of the society,

I didn't mind,

For I understood that,

But surely dad could cover,

By going along,

With my claim that,

I wanted to stay single.


To be fair to dad,

Since it became clear,

That I moved on from Hillary,

And dad did not know,

That I had loved,

Other women since then,

It was only natural,

That dad would forget,

Or think it a phase.


Yet when visiting,

The relatives I had,

On my dad's side,

And staying at my Uncle's,

On waking up and finding,

Dad was already up,

And my stepmother still asleep,

I couldn't resist.


I stroked her hair,

And sang two Indian songs.

Sadly towards,

 The end of the visit,

I found myself preoccupied,

With their society,

Being homophobic,

And dealt with,

Four upset stomachs in one day,

As a result.


I was sure the two were connected,

For it was too much,

Of a coincidence otherwise,

Having an upset stomach,

Every time I thought,

Of their society being homophobic,

Yet naturally I could not say so,

So the third time,

I vaguely attributed it,

To something I ate.

The End

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